Embodied Wizardry Emerges

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Such a time of new births! With the Dragon wave just ending on Jan 1st, this whole year promises to be a journey into greater freedom in meeting the world(s) beyond ourselves. What new way of meeting the world has begun to emerge as your new experience of life?

Also on new year’s day, Uranus square Pluto drew within 1.5 degrees, and will get stronger and closer over the next month. This is that unpredicatable, foundation transforming vibe that’s strengthening, reminding us to live our uniqueness, and not from old habits or insecurities.

This weekend, we’ve entered the Wizard wave, in this year of manifesting as Wizards. Here’s our cue for HOW to meet the world in new ways, which is by truly meeting the moment and shapeshifting accordingly, effortessly and naturally. That’s it. Simple. Everything needed is present and available to us in the moment. THIS is magical.

There’s lots of action in the week ahead…

Today, Mars enters Scorpio for a long stay (until March 5th). This is the beginning of a Mars initiation period involving long visits (including retrogrades) in Scorpio and Sagittarius this winter, spring, and summer. Starting now, we’re being asked to physically embody our potency and power.

On Tuesday Jan 5th, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius and then very soon into Capricorn until Jan 25th. Some serious re-thinking of work-life balance and what we attune to is upon us. Let the structures of your thinking and communicating coalesce around new visions.

Also in the mix is the 5th divestment of Venus, as the waning crescent Moon visits Venus before dawn in the east on Wed Jan 6th. The 5th divestment involves removing and relinquishing our ring of power, to stand naked in living our third chakra’s creative will and force. A fitting companion to the Mars in Scorpio energy that’s arising…

Hear so much more in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

With all this astrological action, perhaps it’s time to get to know your own astrological chart! It’s the foundation of making sense of the themes unfolding in and around us in these times. For the first time ever, I’m offering an online and by phone course, beginning Jan 11th. I’d love for you to join us!

Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure 
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Happy Emerging as a Wizard,

Stargazer Li


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