Birth of a New Form

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Can you feel it, the imminence of a major revolution in your form of being? Are you so ready!?!

It’s time… The coming week or so promises to be one of the most potent opportunities for profound change of this entire year!

For the past week, with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in the Star wave, we’ve been revisiting and reconsidering the patterns and forms we’ve been living as our lives. It’s been a time of ripening into the magic of new ways of being in action that we’ve been developing since last winter.

Now, in this time of descent into the deep dreaming dark, in this Moon of Form, on October 31st, comes the birthing that the Dragon wave brings, this time around the Birth of a New Form.

During this next week, we’re also seeing the 4th of 7 exact passes of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, a tense and intense energy demanding that we undergo a death and rebirth of the fundamental structures and foundations upon which our life is built, amidst a revolutionary leap into living the authentic expression of our uniqueness.

And, there’s a New Moon and Sun in Scorpio eclipse with Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. We’re being asked to take form from the deepest places in our beings. No more surface personna meant to please and appease. It’s time to be true and unapologetic, to take responsibility for living with a quality of mastery the potent energies of our true deep aliveness. This is a revolution, the birth of a new form, that develops and unfolds over the coming 9 months.


Notice and acknowledge what New True Form is asking to be expressed and lived! Honor it’s birthing as You in your life!


I say so much more about this potent moment in my Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 4 ~ the Moon of Form.
Listen here
You can share what new forms are birthing for you there too!


Happy Birthing of a New Form,

Stargazer Li


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