Getting Schooled

Greetings Keeper of Time,

In these Back-to-School days, many of us are being majorly “schooled” by life! Are you feeling it?

In my calendar, it’s the Warrior wave in the Moon of Relatedness and Challenge. We’re being asked to be strong and present amidst lots going on, to stay with ourselves and meet the challenges as they arise, in new ways rather than taking old habitual approaches.

The QUESTion is, how can we engage with everything going on, without trying to hold everything within us (as if that was needed or helped anything!). The trick is to maintain ourselves and be present and allow the natural strength to flow as we meet this moment and the next and the next. When we stay in the flow (remember we learned flow a few weeks ago), then we are strong enough to be continuously active, learning and ripening into more mature ways of being.

The same is true in our relatedness with others. The challenge is not to let go of ourselves and not to struggle with them, but to show up and meet them, to have the courage to be present and authentic, with whatever is going on.


Speaking of school, how’d ya like to go to Time Traveling school? If you’re ready to change your relationship with time, now’s the time… The next round of Time Traveling 101 is beginning, with our first call in a couple weeks. There’s a video and two audios ready for you to get started. We’ll be journeying into the Birth of a New Form in the coming months. I hope you join us! Details, here:


Early evening, Saturday and Sunday Sept 7 & 8, low in the west, the Crescent Moon will be with bright shining Venus and the star Spica (the seed jewel in the hand of Virgo the Goddess). This is Venus receiving the 5th Vestment. So open your throat, drink them in and sing their praises…


Happy Ripening,

Stargazer Li


I say so much more about this time in my Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 2 ~ the Moon of Relatedness.
Listen here:


Order your Calendar for this new Earth Seeding Action Year the began in late July!


Here’s a Video and Two Audios for Learning the Calendar (we use these in my Time Traveling 101 course):


I’ll be teaching Stargazing soon at the Symbiosis Gathering, September 19-23


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  1. CroneBarbara September 12, 2013 at 3:40 pm #

    Dear Li,
    Weekend before NCHSW, I took your portal essences (elixirs: Naked Presence and Restructuring) to a journeying session with Heather (of Yewtree ShamanicJourneyingCircles) as I was preparing for the departure of my beloved cat.
    I asked for assistance in releasing her and my journey was profound and allowed me to be present when I had to let her pass two days later.
    Thank you for that, and for providing elixirs that are a tonic or soothing calmative as needed.
    Now I must remember I have this small but powerful medicine stored in the frig.
    With gratitude, Crone Barbara

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