Living Your Invitations 2020

$60.00 / month for 3 months




Living Your Invitations 2020 includes the Inviting 2020 course, plus six group calls over the course of the year (three in spring & three in fall) that speak to the themes of what’s unfolding as we learn to live the invitations (rather than trying to make something happen), along the way being taught how to live invitingly. So much learning took place through these calls this past year. There will also be some pre-recorded audios & emails over the summer. 


Inviting 2020 is a brief course offering a series of emailed audios & writings 2-3 times a week for about 6 weeks, plus a webinar (recorded) on Saturday, January 18th. The emails include step-by-step prompts for you to engage with, listen to, discover, eloquently articulate, and refine what the universe is inviting you into for 2020, and ways of staying engaged with these invitations day-by-day throughout the year.


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